Catching up!

Hey peeps! Golly, I noticed how long it’s been since I made a blog post and I know how much you all LOVE my blog posts (haha, lolnope), so I thought I’d cram everything I’ve done since my last entry!

So, a major even that has happened since then would be the fact that I have NO EXAMS NOW!!! I finished them all a week and a half ago and I had a week of no school (due to some students still sitting exams) so I had a whole week of LBP goodness. 😛

Speaking of LBP, my next album is completion! I currently have 20 (ish) tunes for it, although I have a few that I really hate so I’ll make a couple of extras to replace those ones (if the extras are better). 

Along the lines of being along the lines of music, I think I really made my best tunes for the upcoming gallery. “Bright Spark” (apparently a trance tune) has been dubbed as my best tune yet by my friends (and I agree with them 😛 ), and my most recent one called “Run” which I feel is a very unique tune. So unique I couldn’t help myself to make a crappy logo for it.

Eeeeyup. And now we’re done with the past, time for the future!

FIRST UP: This weekend I’ll be away at a fancy hotel because it’s my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary and they wanted to do something special, so it’s kind of like a family reunion. It’ll be fun! ^_^ Although I have to wear posh clothes (which are as itchy as hell) and eat poshly (i.e. no fingers, not even for pancakes or pizza -_- ), and I’m not sure if there is wi-fi there or not. I hope there is, otherwise I don’t know how it was rated so highly as a hotel. So yeah, this may be the last you hear of me until Sunday (so you can enjoy yourselves while I’m absent).

Also, I’ve moving onto the next year of my school (we begin the next year before the Summer holidays to get a wee taster of what the course will be like). Not really had a chance to be familiar with it yet, all I know is that it’s going to be a very tricky year. We also get to choose an activity, which is a plus from what we’re used to. The teacher that would teach music as an activity is leaving our school soon (dammit!) so that was off limits. In the end I settled for creative writing, which I’m looking forward to.

So, umm…yeah, that’s it for now. Well, see you all later peeps! Enjoy your weekend without me…unless the hotel has Internet connection…in which case hahaha, I ruin your party plans. 😛 Bai for now!



Exam banter and new music

Hey peeps! So, I’m just giving a quick update here because I’ve not made as many blog posts as I’d have liked to. The reason for this is because I’m now sitting my Standard Grades. These are the same as 0 Grades in England or…well, I’m not sure about the USA education system. 😛 Anyway, I have at least 2 exams per subject (3 or 4 on a couple) and I have 8 subjects in total, meaning I have to do 21 overall. 16 now, actually, because I’ve done 2 Classical Studies and 3 English exams, and tomorrow I’ll be facing off with 2 Chemistry exams which to my dismay am dreading.

The English writing exam was actually rather fun. We were all given a booklet with 25 options on it, and we were given 1 hour and 15 minutes to write an essay on 1 of the options. The one I chose was something like “Write a short story entitled: ‘Darkening Skies’.” Basically my short story was set thousands of years in the future on a castle built as a train, and how the massive amounts of pollution it was making was slowly building up and blacking out the sky. Then some beast-like creatures  pretty much smashed down the castle city. The way I’m describing it now is nothing like how I was describing it in the essay, mind.

So yes, that was rather fun. Also I managed to upload 2 new tunes I made in LittleBigPlanet2 to my YouTube channel. One is a remake of “Friday” (made for a friend who used it as boss music, the boss was called “Rebbuca Bluck”) and the other was made for another friend called Airon, hence the name “Airon’s Whatsit”.

Well, that’s all for now. After this week is over I’ll have done 4/8 subjects, so I’ll have less studying to do and more time to make music, write nonsense and pretty much destroy the internet with all my rubbish that nobody even asked for. 🙂 Stay cool until the next time peeps.


A lot on my mind right now…

Never before have I had so many thoughts in my brain at once. Philosophy, science, the universe, music, equality, literature, maths, theories, questions, ideas, friends, enemies, power, hate, love, madness, art, people, animals, the sky, culture, boundaries, psychology, fiction, reality, and most importantly, what I should have for dinner.


I have a lot to think about.


Becoming all artsy-fartsy!

Hey peeps! Today on my Twitter feed someone posted yet another piece of stunning art (My Little Pony art, may I add… 😉 ), and as usual she had a link to her DeviantArt page. I thought, “Hm. I’m okay(ish) at character and concept doodles. Perhaps I should sign up and show off my ‘talents’.”

So I went ahead and signed up for DeviantArt. The registering was quite funny, because when you chose what your gender was there were 3 options; “Male”, “Female” and “Other”. Needless to say, I was a little confused at how anyone could be an “other” gender.

Anywho, I’ve signed up for it and I’ll be uploading some of my cartoony doodles soon. I draw a lot in school, maybe that’ll all pay off. 😀 Here’s a link to my profile:

So just to let you know peeps. Look out for my “brilliant” pieces of “art”!


A very unfabulous time.

Hey peeps. Idgo unfortunately has to go to “full time revision” mode. This means less fun time, more “UGH I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE” time. I’ve had to give up playing LBP due to revision and stroppy parents, so that means I can’t make my wondercrump tunes anymore. I’m feeling like a sad trout now. A very sad trout.

I’ll still be Tweeting and Blogging and whatnot, just a lot less than I’d like to. I just started this blog too! Oh, woe is me.

My last exam is on the 20-something of May (I’m certain it’s 27th), so that’s about 6 and-a-bit weeks until I can play my favourite game again. It’s not just the game, it’s the people I’ve met through the game too. Some of my best friends I met through LBP. 😦

Sorry about my depressing attitude. Around this time I can’t find much to smile about…well, at least I’ll still have weekly episodes of Doctor Who to keep me sane. I have something to look forward to at the end of each week now. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all I can say for now peeps. In the meantime, I’ll be revising my 8 subjects I’ll have exams on in just a few weeks time. Bai for now!